A special kind of karaoke system


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After entering the game, you can see the bottom right corner of the "Tips" window shows the basic system prompts the player to help us quickly understand the game, like an exclamation mark appeared on behalf of NPC head a new task, a question mark on behalf of the task is completed can return to the monster point Right to attacks.

Just follow the task requires the help and tips can smooth and enhance the level of risk to the new map. Role of the upgrade, we will be 1:00 skill points, you can pick the right side of the prompt or press T to open the skill distribution of bar, with points for skills, a good allocation and then press the K key drag to the shortcut bar to use.

In addition to the general tasks, "Dungeon fighter online 2" there is a special kind of karaoke system, karaoke system, as long as the completion of the crusade, exploration missions, you can get all kinds of unique "karaoke title," title can be increased using corresponding effect of increasing the ability of Daguai efficiency.