Aiming Launcher is lower damage than Compound Siege in game

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Accretia rangers do not get any DFO Gold class specific skills that benefit guns/bows/throwing weapons, only launchers.

However, they can get more of a damage boost than other from rare items to make accretia using bow/gun still good! Again, I'm not going over the cloaked class. They're all the same, and not good.

Gunner has Flash-bang which only works on monsters and stuns them for 15s if not attacked, basically lets you flee or heal.  

Aiming Launcher is lower damage than Compound Siege, but doesn't need to have a siege kit unpacked. Compound Siege is a powerful Siege launcher attack with a slight delay before firing and only usable with Siege kit+launcher.

Striker is the next step up from Gunner. Firstly is Desperation Launcher, a high damage launcher skill. Mighty Blast Siege fires a quick succession of 3 rockets, a volley if you will. Siege Mastery increases your damage when using a Siege Kit.

Dementer is such a unique and awesome class if you play with with a guild/friends and use teamwork. Let’s start with the lesser skills.

Gate Capsule is the same as Cora and Bellato Return Gate. Dread Mind drains some of the enemies FP and lowers the maximum amount.