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Warrior Creation Guide - The warrior is the definition of the tank class in the game. They have high DFO Gold hit-points, a high amour class, and deliver somewhat impressive damage with their weapons.

They can dual wield, single wield, bash, slam, kick, and taunt. They can parry, riposte, double attack, disarm and dodge. They are the only class which has almost every combat skill open to them for training, and receive them at lower levels than all classes but monks.

However, despite this strength the warrior is not a solo class. At lower levels they can solo very effectively, but as they enter the mid-levels from Level 20 onwards they are forced to seek out groups.

Since they have no magical abilities of their own, and large health, recovering after battle without the aid of a healer is a slow process. By Level 25 they will not survive most fights without a backup healer. Because of this the warrior is a grouping class, and a very necessary one.

Warriors’ functions in groups are not primarily to deal damage. They are generally the tanks of the group, absorbing the damage from mobs as they lead them to the party.

Warriors must also be adept at watching who the mob is attacking and attracting the mobs attention so that the lighter armored party members do not take excessive damage.