DFO is a game with fairly small player base.


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DFO is a game with fairly small player base. I think I can speak for the majority of us when we say that we've wasted quite some time trying to find someone to party up with against dungeons with high difficulty such as Noire Ferra. In grinding for the Noire Ferra shoulders myself, it had come to my attention that finding a group to run this grind with was the most time I wasted sitting around in a game. Still, our update for the Otherverse dungeons (hardest difficulty to date) is here even though this update will affect only a small player base of pve elitists in the game.

By no means am I suggesting that the difficulties be reduced. I understand that these updates are derived directly from kdnf and only push the general population to be better both in terms of skill and gear. Increasing difficulty in pve with new dungeons gives us a sense of accomplishment and ultimately what we all look forward to in a new patch, new items as tokens of our achievements. By implementing these dungeons that seem presently impossible to some players, it gives them the incentive to continue playing the game beyond their current capabilities. Even though some players will never see the final boss of these upcoming Otherverse dungeons, I understand that it is new pve content that benefit the general pve community both directly and indirectly.

With this point taken into consideration, I am still not quite sure why the pvp contents have not been updated any further. It has come to my attention that the pvp community suffers greatly due to the poor implementation of the pvp system from kdnf and that it needs only a fraction of the attention that pve receives in this game. As a player with high hero rank in the game, I am well-acquainted with most active hero ranked players as well as players who love  frequently pvping for long hours at a time. I've familiarized myself with what their opinions about pvp in this game and it was apparent that we all shared similar concerns.

To better demonstrate these concerns, I'm going to put it into a couple examples by the type of a player. I did not include pratice arena in these variations as it is practice pvp after all.