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Step 1; Click the “PLAY” button to begin. Clicking “PLAY” helps you download, install, login, and launch the game.

If you already have a Nexon game installed, go to Step 5.

Step 2, Click "Save File" to download the DFO Downloader to your desktop.

Step 3, Click "Run" to start the downloader.

Note: If you are using Firefox, you will first be asked to "Open" or "Save" the file before running it.

Step 4, choose a location on your system for the DFO Downloader and click "Next."

Step 5, Click "Agree" after reading the licensing agreement.

Step 6, Choose where you would like to install the Dungeon Fighter Online client and click "Install."

Step 7, Confirm your installation by clicking "OK."

If you have another Nexon game installed on your system, you will not see this prompt.

Step 8, when your installation has completed, click "OK."

Step 9, after installation is complete, return to the Dungeon Fighter Online website and click on "PLAY" to launch the game.

Note: The game will automatically start after installation if you already have a Nexon game installed.