Enhance the role of speed


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When the other players to rise to 15 after buying the horse in the city, the main use is to enhance the role of speed, while the horse is currently open mouth with the Tigers two kinds of birds, each divided into 15, 20 and 25 in three stages, 15 at a rate of 120%, each stage more than a 20% raise.

In the city you can learn the skills of professional life, is new to manufacturing projects, as long as conditions permit life to reach the occupational hierarchy, find the NPC to learn the professional life along with a little money will be able to learn, so that we can create more new products.

The game also has to strengthen and decomposition of these two systems, just find the blacksmith NPC and put more than 25 equipment and strengthening stone, stone can be enhanced decomposition, decomposition. Strengthen the ability to upgrade equipment, however, the increase in the initial equipment is not much, may yet be lost directly, while the decomposition is available on a need to create some of the material.