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Greetings Dungeon Fighters,

If you're a new Dungeon Fighter, or a Dungeon Fighter looking for the best deal around, then look no further! The Dungeon Fighter Essentials is for YOU!

This "all-in-one" package contains everything you need as you battle through dungeons:

- Life Tokens to revive yourself and your fallen party members.
- Remy's Touch to replenish 30% of your Max HP & MP.
- A Silver Safe upgrade that increases the number of slots in your Safe to 40.
- A Skeleton Key to unlock a Lost Treasure!
- Guardian Rogue APCs to battle by your side!

The Dungeon Fighter Essentials is only on sale for the next 2 weeks, and then it's gone for good! So get it while you have the chance!

The Dungeon Fighter Essentials package can only be purchased once per account.
The Silver Safe Upgrade will be applied to the character with which the purchase was made. If the character has a Silver Safe Upgrade or higher, no further upgrades will be applied.

Fight Bravely, Dungeon Fighters!