INT give you magic attack, magic defense, max MP, and umm

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ZOMG what different stats do I put in? Let's start by simply explaining buy DFO Gold what the different stats are.

Strength - STR is responsible for your max HP, carrying weight, plays a factor in defense, and STR is also obviously responsible for physical damage of quite a few close range weapons

Dexterity - DEX is what gives your character dodge, running speed, bow damage, damage with some close range physical weapons, and damage with various long range weapons; DEX is a hawker's best friend

Intelligence - INT give you magic attack, magic defense, max MP, and umm... that is about it... hawkers don't really use this

Concentration - CON governs gun damage, HP/MP regeneration rate, HIT rate, accounts for about half of launcher damage, raises success chance of craft ... and that is all I can remember; mildly important

Charm - CHA raises monster aggression towards you, raises rewards for different quests, and rumored to raise the maximum number of monsters or other summons you can manage, raises drop rate of quest items (rumored to raise drop rate over all); hawkers don't use much CHA

Sensibility - SEN raises your critical rate, raises skill damage, increases the quality of crafted items... all I know of; crit is VERY important for katars