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Daguai, the opportunity to hit all kinds of gold, silver, copper products order of the monster cards, we can be placed on the body to strengthen its capacity, but placed the number of cards is limited, so when the role of a put one, 10 other two, 20 other three and so on, the maximum limit is five.

In addition, there is a monster card features two kinds of synthesis and enhanced systems, synthesis must first purchase with the card division NPC synthesis of the scroll bar to open the scroll bar at the top after placing 2-5 the same style, quality bands of the monster cards, and then click synthetic button for the cards will be able to rise a product order, and placed the card is the amount of influence the success rate of synthesis, 2 40% 3 60%, 100% successful, you need five.

Strengthen, the NPC is looking for the card division for first place after a card you want to strengthen, add the same items on the order of 4 cards to sacrifice, and finally to strengthen the stone can be combined with intensive, but successful only 50 percent chance of a bit of it, after a successful show at the bottom of the cards to increase the value of capacity.

If there are good cards, equipment and other props how do you want to sell? Take the lower left corner of the stall as long as the point button, we can set up a stall in the place started selling their own things, but also set up a stall where a very wide range, regardless of the field map, towns are OK, you want to make money you have to carefully study which side up to Taipei.