The attack speed of Archer is slow at the early stage

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Most of the stat points of Archer are allocate in DEX and AGI. It is because the damage dealt by Archer's bow and arrows are affected by Dungeon Fighter Gold DEX instead of STR.

Therefore, the main investment will be in DEX value and the additional stat points will be invested in AGI in order to increase the attack speed of Archer.

The attack speed of Archer is slow at the early stage, but its attack speed, dodge rate and attack damage will increase once it reaches higher level. Besides that, there aren't many skills that the Archer can learn, and all its skills are necessary to learn.

Hunter possesses long range attack and it may rent a Falcon to assist him in battle. Besides that, Hunter can set up traps to help it while attacking monsters. Although setting up traps cost a lot of zeny, it adds in many varieties of hunting.

The 2-2 job upgrade from Archer is Bard or Dancer where the male becomes Bard and the female becomes Dancer. Both professions use the same category of music and dancing skills to damage the enemies and support the party member.