The splendid cooperation risk

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Now we will introduce the background. The second generation of pet net tours Pet Forest is by for a long time tours the net lasted 3 years independent research and development the RPG pet class high-quality goods network to tour, the game relies on the mature game engine and for a long time tours the net abundant independent research and development strength, will enable game characteristics and so on pet diversification to display the acme, is called it the history in the pet most second generation of pet class network game. We “The second generation” the pet net tours "Pet Forest" as representing in the collection history the popular pet net tours the superiority in a body, simultaneously develops by in the lovable fine game picture, the myriad history the classical pet the fight skill, the intense country fosters, the splendid cooperation risk, dazzle fights, simulates the manor management and so on. My company has always been based on customer-centered thinking and user requirements as their responsibility to seek survival quality.