There are plenty of databases or database-like websites in game

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Search: Is your question really linked with the forum you are going to post in? If not, please try DFO Gold to find a more appropriate one, to avoid extra work for the Mods!

Search could be translated as "rechercher" in french.

If you plan starting your post with "I am sorry if it has already been asked before but..." then surely it had. And if so, it will irritate people... look at first and second rules.

There is an option called "SEARCH"

If this makes your post clearer, don't hesitate to use text formatting: bold, italic, colors, size, etc.... But this is not a fashion contest: do it to help people get your point, not to make their eyes bleed.

Someone people sometimes perform a search before posting.

There are plenty of databases or database-like websites that gather nearly all the information’s you may be looking for (here again, info can be found in the "Beginner FAQ" under the "MISCELLANEOUS" part)

Do I sound like I insist on searching? On purpose! 80% of the posts would have not been posted if a real search had been previously performed. In order to prove it, I propose you try to search for "FB19"... this is meaningful. And this would surely have been 90% if FAQ/guides had been read first.