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Dear players, not only of how to upgrade your Weapons and Armor, there are some tips you need to keep in mind. And following we provide you some for DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE. If you don’t know more about how to get DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE gold please read on. You can buy the Bonus Book of Meld first after you level up to +12. DUNGEON FIGHTER ONLINE gold cost time to earn, and you may consider buying some. If you upgrade one piece at a time, you can use this technique now. The new thing which you can upgrade to +12 is the Chaos Smelting Stone. But they are expensive now so depends if you are rich or your folks have money to let you have for the game. You can also buy a package deal with the smelts in them. HS Upgrade Events are usually held after every Sunday quiz and at other times during the week. They have had unannounced upgrade events and sometimes the events are in the calendar. So that is one reason to go to the Homepage and read. So that above is just the basics on upgrading your weapon or armor now.

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