Your adventures in Arad can be arduous and dangerous at times.

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Greetings New Dungeon Fighters!

After finding yourself lost in the lush green forests of Lorien, you hear the troubled cries of a young girl being attacked by Goblins. You know not her voice, or if your arms are strong enough to carry the weapon in  your hands... all that you know is that you must save this girl!

Your adventures in Arad can be arduous and dangerous at times. So to aid you on your new-found journey, the Arad High Council is sending a daily extra Life Token to new Dungeon Fighters! Should you or your compatriots fall to the hands of the Berzerk Ice-Mage Keraha or Flaming Binoche, you now have an extra Life Token to revive yourself and your party members!

- Event Period -
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 extra daily Life Token will be given out to the FIRST character created on a NEW account.
The Life Token wil be sent via in-game mail at 12:00 am Pacific; and if left unclaimed, both the mail and Life Token will expire in 24 hours
Should you create a character and later choose to delete it, and create a second during the event period, the second character will receive the per diem daily Life Token.

But wait! There's more!

All newly created characters come equipped with awe-inspiring weapons that can slash through and destroy even the most terrifying of beasts! Read more about this event here. But for those Dungeon Fighters who care more about fighting in Style, while gaining bonus dungeon clear EXP for wearing avatars, all newly created characters will also receive a FREE Hair, Top, and Bottom avatar!