“dungeon fighter online" is a heroic fantasy game


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“dungeon fighter online" is a heroic fantasy and the bright-colored 2D design combined MMORPG, produced by the Ankama Studio. "Dungeon fighter online" for the players to show a huge fantasy game world, where players can find many lovely adventure in interesting animals and plants. Players can also complete the task, or to rely on a lot of interesting game perfect game to upgrade the system to become experts. Game, players can be: holy warriors, ferocious bandit, healing fairy, who control the weather, look for gold, animal trainer, archers, forest people, ghost or guardian. To get a place in the Amakna community, with a professional is essential. Choices of occupation are magician, trainer, treasure hunters, thieves, illusionists, gamblers, doctors, soldiers, archers, barbarians and Berserker. Players can buy and sell all kinds of raw materials, and manufacture of various items. Players can also buy and sell items, construction and services based on the joint together, forming alliances.